GDPR compliance: which software solutions to use?

Bringing a company into compliance with the DPMR is part of the necessary process for clients and the professional entourage. The GDPSR or General Regulation on Protection is the new European regulation concerning personal data or personal information. This data is information representing a person: a name, a photo, an address, a telephone number, a fingerprint... Anything that can concern a specific person. Each data is sensitive and needs to be protected. How to protect it? What is the most effective way?

Which software should be used for GDPR compliance?

There are a few softwares for the GDPR compliance of a company according to the European regulation and here are two of them. Privacy-Now is a software for effective and efficient DGR compliance. This software is perfect for data management and protection within your company. The features of DPMR are numerous: - Good records management for processing activities; - Automatic data protection impact analysis; - Automatic use of information to manage privacy statements; - Management of different tasks and consents; - Access requests are managed according to the DMPR; - Cookies and violations are limited; - Automatic risk analysis in the event of non-compliance with the DPMR. The SaaS solution for organizations and for their compliance with the GDPR : the PrivaCIL-DPMS software. Its advantage is that it is not only in compliance with the European regulation on the protection of personal data, but also with the CNIL. The bases of Privacil are : - The management of the registers; - A publication of the balance sheet every year; - It manages requests and access to data; - It carries out a risk analysis concerning data processing.

Why use GDPR software?

The advantages of using a GDPR software are numerous for each company. First of all, the company benefits from effective data protection. The more you use it, the easier the work of the data protection officer or DPO. Time is precious. When you use the GDPR software, you save time with content modification, advanced copy/paste tools, etc. Access to personal data is facilitated because the European Regulation requires the complete register to be updated. Software that supports the work of the DMPR referents by collaborating with data controllers and action plans. Everyone in the company has the chance to be an actor in the compliance and data protection process. The GDPR software completes the information while giving you access to all documents for work, communication and compliance.

How to choose GDPR software?

To comply with the DPMR, a company must use software that respects people's privacy. It is recommended to use GDPR software published by the best SaaS editors. A GDPR software must make an analysis of the compliance audits for the update of data processing. For the choice of a better software, it is better to make a comparison of SaaS solutions. Online comparators are available for the various functionalities, the associated technologies and the price of the software in question. The software chosen should carry out analyses on the impact of data protection in accordance with Article 35 of the General Data Protection Regulation. Free and paid software, but choose a software adapted to your budget.
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