Balancing e-mail

Balancing e-mail communication and workflow integration

Striking the right balance between email communication and workflow integration presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. A fine equilibrium must be maintained to ensure productivity isn’t compromised. This piece delves into the nuances of integrating email communication into…

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Standard management: how to improve ?

When you have a firm, it is essential to take care of its image in order to build customer loyalty. This essentially involves managing the switchboard, which is one of the first images you send back. It allows your customers…

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Business development: the importance of competitive intelligence

Thousands of companies around the world have been in existence for many years. They are always productive and are on the lookout for new contracts. They grow every year and manage to stay in the race, despite the pace imposed…

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Advertising guide to buy media t-shirts

You have your company, the website and all the documents you need to run your business… yet your new project will only enjoy the status of a “real” company thanks to a good communication strategy, of which the personalised t-shirt…

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Online business gift sale for companies

Nowadays, many companies are constantly looking for new marketing strategies to increase their visibility. Among the various alternatives available to these structures, it is possible to distinguish the use of goodies. These are so-called advertising objects used to highlight their…

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