Software technology at the service of the institutional catering

The management of a collective catering business requires compliance with the relevant legislation. Catering software is an effective solution to help managers in the organisation of services and to act legally. It is not always easy to choose an efficient software. Discover in our article the criteria to be taken into account when choosing a good catering software.

The essential software techniques in the catering industry

First of all, it should be remembered that collective catering is a specific catering service offered to a category of community such as employees, students or patients at a moderate price. The service therefore has a social character, unlike commercial catering. There are therefore many different players depending on the type of consumer. Thus, we can mention school catering, company catering and medico-social catering. The management of contract catering brings together various complex tasks relating in particular to the preparation and delivery of meals. It may be provided directly by a public authority or by a service provider. Service provider or public authority? The organisation of this type of catering is subject to numerous requirements, sometimes heavy, laid down by the regulations. For example, there are health and safety rules, rules for registering accounts, and customer satisfaction. Hence the interest in using software for contract catering. The latter considerably lightens the work that awaits those in charge.

For a better organization of the catering industry

The suppliers of this software are always trying to improve their product to meet the rules imposed by law and to satisfy customer needs. The use of these tools, however, requires a certain level of skill on the part of those responsible, so that they can take full advantage of their strengths. Sometimes, managers need training to become familiar with these software solutions. The efficient use of the software therefore depends on a competent team. However, the service provider no longer needs to mobilise a large number of staff. The tool therefore allows the team to save more time to do other tasks, because the establishment can centralize the management of the restoration from the software. The choice of software depends on the needs of the establishment. It provides the team with a database to record all important files.

The basic functionalities of a software solution

Collective restoration software differs in its parameters. However, all recovery software must have basic functionality. An example is the menu planning module. This module is therefore used to establish daily menus. It already provides for the dietary balance as well as the nutritional standards to be respected. It also allows the personalization of menus according to the desired recipes and the recording of these recipes. Purchase management also remains a basic functionality of a catering software solution. You can use it to place the necessary orders for the meals. It will do the purchasing planning for you by supplier and ensure that the orders are sent to each supplier concerned. The module for inventory management, a tedious task for professionals, can also be advanced. The tool ensures the verification of products in stock as well as the movement of products. Finally, the accounting management which offers many advantages such as the design of a provisional budget for catering, to know the costs of operations, invoices,. It generally has a cash management solution. The software must also integrate a dashboard allowing to follow the expected deliveries and the dishes that remain to be prepared.

Choosing the right software

In order to choose the right software, it is first of all necessary to identify your needs and your budget. This allows you to find a solution that effectively meets your needs and also fits your budget. It is obvious that software with extended functionalities is more expensive, and sometimes difficult to handle. Also take the time to know the ergonomics of the software before validating your choice. Sometimes it requires training from suppliers. Always take into account your supplier's experience in the software market. Some suppliers offer warranties with their products. Others offer a test that allows you to evaluate the performance of the software. User feedback, popularity and a recommendation from a friend or family member are also effective ways to find the best software. In terms of quality, some software has already been certified. It justifies the respect of certain not insignificant standards. Finally, a good software is the one adapted to your hardware such as the cash register. These selection criteria must be respected cumulatively.
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