What kind of works council gift to offer to its employees?

Employees are an important part of a company. Without them, the company is nothing. Employers can offer gifts to their employees for various occasions, but the difficulty lies in the choice of gifts. Why and when to offer CE gifts to employees? How to choose the gifts? Where to find gift ideas for employees?

Why and when to offer a CE gift to employees?

It is difficult to find gifts to offer to employees, especially if there are many of them. Some companies that offer CE gifts provide works councils and employers with a works council gift catalogue. But first of all, what is the purpose of works council gifts? Employees are very important for a company. They are a valuable resource that makes the company strong. If employees are not motivated and involved, the company cannot run optimally. The employer is free to offer its employees gifts at any time of the year. A CE gift is not necessarily given by the employer to employees as a token of his or her good heart and kindness, but also for various other reasons : To thank them for their efforts and to express gratitude. In this way, employees will feel valued and considered. To motivate and stimulate them to surpass themselves and give the best of themselves. The gift can therefore be offered when one or more objectives are achieved. To ensure that employees' sense of belonging to the company is reinforced. If they feel good about the company, they will do their utmost to make it work the way it should. To offer them a souvenir on the occasion of a special event such as team building, the company's anniversary, and important events of the year such as Christmas, the end of the year, Easter, the start of the school year, etc. To reward a particular employee, e.g. for retirement, marriage, etc. Through gifts, the bonds between employees and employers, as well as between employees will be strengthened.

How to choose the gift to offer employees?

It is not easy to find the right gift for employees, especially if there are more than 50 employees. The difficulty lies in the fact that each person has his or her own tastes and may not like the gift he or she receives. The gift chosen must be tailored to the employee, his or her interests or needs. It must be useful and appealing to the employee to reflect the employer's consideration. If the gift does not please, the employee may feel indifferent or disappointed. However, this does not allow the Works Council or the employer to achieve the objective of valuing the employee. The budget available to the works council is one of the criteria to choose the right gift. But there are also others such as the number of employees, the occasion or the reason why the gift is offered, the recipient. Some companies prefer to give gifts of the same value, but different for their employees. This involves knowing the tastes and preferences of each employee. But this is not feasible in a large company. In this case, it is better to offer the same gifts to all employees. Gifts should therefore appeal to both sexes, men and women. In order to come up with a gift idea for employees, you should not hesitate to brainstorm with the team leaders. It is also possible to use companies that specialise in corporate gifts.

Some gift ideas for employees

Boxes specializing in corporate gifts have a catalogue of gifts for works councils where it is possible to find gift ideas for employees. Among the most chosen gifts are: gift vouchers, connected objects, high-tech objects, gift boxes, goodies and company trophies. Even if the gifts are the same for all employees, it is still possible and even advisable to personalize them. So don't hesitate to put the company logo on the gift, as well as the employee's name or a small message of encouragement.
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