What are the advantages of a sitting-standing desk?

A convertible desk is a desk with a removable worktop. It looks like a classic table, but you can adjust the height to suit your needs and thus change position from time to time. In France, the phenomenon is starting to become known. So here's why you should adopt a desk with variable height.

To better maintain your health

Back pain is certainly the first disadvantage of sitting. With a convertible desk, you can alternate with a standing position while working. It is even recommended by the INRS or the French institute for the prevention of occupational diseases. But it's not just back pain. Many occupational illnesses result from an unchanged and continuous position at the office, such as circulatory and cardiac system disorders, mood disorders, stress, irritability, etc. It even becomes a matter of public order because everyone suffers from these types of work-related ailments. The human body does not function properly either when it is immobilized for several hours a day. Musculoskeletal disorders can even develop. There is also wrist pain, diabetes, increased body weight, depression and many others. The standing seated desk, with the removable and height-adjustable table, is an ergonomic desk that adapts to the body's need to move. It is a new working trend that is as healthy as it is beneficial. Models are available at www.aum-world.com.

To become even more productive and efficient

Working standing improves productivity and efficiency at work. Standing allows you to be more open to others, comfortable and feel freer than sitting. You have more control over your workspace. By sitting, you limit your skill to a small space, the space between the monitor and your body. You also can't look beyond your workstation. Yet by enlarging your space, you open your brain to more possibilities. You are more comfortable and at ease too. Convertible desks promote well-being at work. They are very practical during group sessions such as meetings, briefings or group tasks. They also improve concentration and keep the body moving. And when the body feels good, you work better, you are more productive, more efficient and much more effective.

There are several types of convertible offices

There are many types of modular offices. Some are made of bamboo, some are made of wood, and some are made of iron. There are also models made of recyclable materials, perfect for environmental protection. Some models are electric. The table is equipped with an automatic winding mechanism. It is possible to change position at the touch of a button. The most commonly used models are the manual models, where it is necessary to raise the table top with a crank. You can also make your own by following tutorials. By adapting your classic desk, you save money. But the objective remains the same: to work standing with a convertible table. But don't stand up all day long either.
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