Which adhesive dispenser to choose?

In many industrial sectors, the use of adhesive dispensers is an everyday occurrence and therefore requires equipment that is adapted to the use that will be made of them. Companies with a lot of packaging are particularly concerned by this choice, which will make it easier to carry out the various tasks that will be entrusted to them, but also more time consuming thanks to the use of an efficient adhesive dispenser. Here are the different types of adhesive dispensers in order to make an enlightened choice that will allow you to use the right equipment for your needs.

Manual adhesive dispensers

the advantages of an automatic tape dispenserThe manual adhesive dispenser is a device that allows you to use an adhesive dispenser manually, taking advantage of a system designed to be practical and efficient in the task at hand. There are several forms of manual adhesive dispensers. For example, there are different types of dispensers that will allow the adhesive to be dispensed without problems and to stress the blade if necessary. Some of them can be directly attached to the workstation and others have a sole with a weight to keep maximum stability while being able to move from one workstation to another. Some manual adhesive dispensers can hold different rolls of adhesive so that the different types of adhesives that may be needed are always at hand. You can also opt for an adhesive dispenser with a liner recuperator if necessary. For procedures that require mobility, there are portable manual adhesive dispensers with handles that can be used in many situations.

The automatic adhesive dispenser

The automatic tape dispenser is designed for positions requiring intensive use of adhesive tape and its practicality will notably avoid a number of additional gestures that may prove painful over time and lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Indeed, the automatic adhesive dispenser allows for a much more automated action since it will deliver strips of adhesive tapes at the desired length (this length will be set in advance directly on the dispenser interface). It will thus be possible to set up up to 6 different programs and also to opt for cutting tapes of various widths. Of course, there are also models with liner reclaimers. The automatic tape dispenser can be powered by a cable, but also by battery if you wish to have mobile equipment.

How to choose your adhesive dispenser?

Although some companies have decided to automate the entire packaging process (an article on the subject here), it is not an installation within the reach of all companies, but this does not mean that one cannot opt for equipment that provides more comfort and a certain saving of time. In order to choose the right adhesive dispenser, it is necessary to start by analysing your needs and the problems encountered in order to know which model will best meet your expectations. Moreover, adhesive dispensers are in principle designed to adapt to all types of adhesive tape. However, before purchasing your equipment, you can ask for a test to be carried out with a roll of adhesive available to ensure that the two are perfectly compatible. Furthermore, it is important to remember that in the event of a breakdown, it will not be necessary to change the entire tape dispenser, but the devices can be repaired by changing the defective parts. No useless expenses therefore by opting for the right accompaniment and the right brand in its choice.
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